How XING accels at Product Management

Marc Kadish XING Product Management Best Practices

My friend, former colleague and Product Tank Hamburg partner in crime Marc Kadish recently gave a talk at the Working Product conference in Hamburg.
He shared some of the key principles and framework XING uses to define its product roadmap and level up its product management game.

It’s the best (public) summary I’ve seen so far on the topic of operational product management at XING and this is why I want to share those valuable insights from my former employer with you.
You can get the whole talk and his slides from the Working Products website but here are the key aspects of it.

All slides and images courtesy of Marc Kadish.

Impact Mapping

Product Management at XING - Impact Mapping

Quarterly Roadmap Rhythm

Product Management at XING - Quarterly Roadmap Rhythm

Design Thinking

Product Management at XING - Design SprintsRead my take on what it takes to fuck up a Design Sprint and what specific mistakes you should avoid as a Product Manager.


Data Informed Decision making

Product Management at XING - Data InformedRead my advice on how to avoid 5 common A/B split testing mistakes and which essentials you shouldn’t miss as a Product Manager.

Autonomy Through Alignment

Product Management at XING - AlignmentHere are my favorite tools for alignment including the Auftragsklärung framework used at XING.