How to use a User Storyboard Template

User Storyboard Template - Filled Example

Often, some various jobs your product needs to fulfill for your users can become overwhelming, and it gets harder to keep an overview of flows and interactions.
This is the point during which a user storyboard template comes in super handy either before or during your next product discovery.

Grab your free User Storyboard template as a high resolution.pdf right here: Download the template.

 What is a User Storyboard?

User storyboards are similar to scenarios: They illustrate the interaction required to achieve a goal. But instead of using a list of steps, a storyboard visualizes the interaction similar to a comic strip.

A user storyboard provides a powerful tool for creating great user stories, but it is not meant to stand alone as a framework for project management. Thereby, you should always use it in combination with other tools and frameworks like an impact map or user story mapping.

How to use a User Storyboard template?

  1. Print the template either as large as possible for co-creation on a wall/table or hand-out multiple smaller copies for an ideation-style session to begin with.
  2. Provide all information about your users and their jobs-to-be-done during their journey through your product to the team members.
  3. Have the rough idea of your product’s functionality (e.g. through wireframes or click-dummies) in place.
  4. Set a concrete goal for your products which must be fulfilled after the storyboard has been put together.
  5. Walk through the empty spaces of the user storyboard template together with your whole team.
  6. Start with visualizing every user story in the intended image frame and add one or max. 2 lines of copy describing the individual actions your users need to take.
  7. Keep the filled storyboards visible in your discovery/team space for making your product’s user stories visible and transparent to team members and stakeholders.

What you’ll get

  • A perfectly scalable .pdf file which can easily be printed up to a size of A0 (841 x 1189mm)
  • Ongoing access to re-download the file as often as you like