Tim Herbig Public Speaking

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I speak at conferences, meetups, and in-house events to inspire companies and individuals to build better teams and ultimately better products. Specific topics include:

  • How to build successful product management organizations
  • check
    Leading cross-functional teams without Hierarchical Power
  • Hands-on advice for using product management frameworks
  • Making remote team setups work

Check out my SlideShare profile or the video recordings below for more insights into my talks.

Here's how it works

  1. Drop me a line. Contact me using the chat on the lower right. I will contact you directly afterwards.
  2. Let's talk... In the initial briefing, we will discuss availability as well as the basic details of the event and you will receive an official price quote for the event in question.
  3. Acceptance & planning. Nice! Now I'm officially on-board. In the planning-phase, the full details of the event are discussed and organized. As part of this process, there are a number of questions that are important both logistically and creatively, so that we can provide the best possible experience for all involved.
  4. The Event: You've done all you can to prepare for the event; we'll take care of the rest!
Arne Kittler MTP Engage Curator Speaking Testimonial Tim Herbig

Tim’s presentation at MTP Engage was one of our top-rated presentations this year. He delivered his talk in a clear way on all levels (slides, presentation, answering questions) and left no doubt about his expertise. For me as a curator Tim was a pleasure to work with. I appreciated that he sought our feedback to early iterations of his talk to make sure the final presentation fit with our audience as well as our curational concept.

Arne Kittler Curator Mind the Product Engage Conference

Andre Marquet Productized Conference Testimonial

Tim is what I call a full-stack speaker, engaging, fun, professional. From the moment we have set his speaking slot to now, several months past the Productized 2017, Tim has become a true conference partner, proving value not only during his delivery but also during the long tail of interactions post-event on medium posts, retweets and visualizations of his often cited talk online.

Andre Marquet Founder & CEO Productized Conference

2018 Speaking Schedule

February 12 - Lean Startup Summit Berlin, Germany

Selected Previous Keynotes

Product Tank Zurich and Karlsruhe

Influencing peers and team members in an Agile environment can feel like an impossible task. And Agile doesn’t just change how teams work. It also changes how teams are led. Agile requires a radically different approach to leadership, one that puts business, design, and engineering at equal levels—where they must work as peers - Lateral leadership. In this talk I helped attendees to understand what it takes to successfully apply lateral leadership. I guided them through achieving strategic alignment with their teams and creating individual alignment with other team members. By recognizing empathy and escalation as helpful tools, lateral leaders are able to maintain and strengthen their leadership role within agile teams.

growth marketing SUMMIT 2018

Turning customer centricity of individuals into customer obsession as part of the DNA of your company required a lot of hard work and awareness for the right signals. In my keynote at the growth marketing SUMMIT 2018, I shared hands-on advice for this challenge like focussing on 'Customer Access Metrics', switching incentives to Customer Metrics instead of Business Metrics as well as industry best-practices from Netflix.

OKR Forum Hamburg August 2018

In my talk 'Goals for the Distance - Making OKR work in a Remote-only Environment' I shared my experiments and learnings from implementing OKR in our distributed setup at iridion. From the initial requirements for our goal setting process up to the exact tools and processes we established to utilize OKR for autonomy and focus across 6 locations and more 14 team members.

Look here for more insights on how to combine OKR and Agile Product Management.

Mind the Product Engage 2018

In this talk I gave at MTP Engage 2018 in Hamburg, I share advice on how product people can lever lateral leadership for managing agile teams. Lateral leadership describes the art of efficiently influencing others around you without formal authority.
It is essential for succeeding in the implicit leadership position product managers find themselves in. 

It contains pieces from my upcoming book on Lateral Leadership.

Product Management Festival 2017

This presentation concluding my speaking year 2017. It had the pleasure to elaborate on why product managers need to validate their work before jumping into code at one of Europe's largest conferences for product people: Product Management Festival in Zurich, Switzerland.

Productized Conference 2017

I shared my opinion about the huge impact waste-less validation techniques can bring into the product development process and how to handle qualitative and quantitative methods in this context.
By using concrete real-life cases, the goal is to reveal how to check whether the needed outcome of a new product idea is realistic and feasible.

Working Products Conference 2017

This keynote featured the first iteration of a talk I've developed on why MVPs are falling short when it comes to validation. I explained the (often times unnecessary) cost of building and waiting we get caught in instead of validating assumptions with what we have.

Working Products is an intimate local conference in Hamburg, Germany.