My Professional Review of 2016

My personal review of 2016

Can you believe it’s already the end of 2016? In a couple of days, we’re about to celebrate 2017 and boy was this year a ride…Let’s take a (non-chronological) look at what’s behind:

  • First and foremost, even though that’s only a semi-professional aspect, I became a dad. Describing this experience would break all formatting space of this newsletter. Which is why I’ll just summarize it this way: WOW!
  • I decided to leave my job at XING after working with a bunch of incredibly talented people after 2,5 years. It wasn’t an easy decision but…
  • …it led me to join ORBIT! So far, I can’t believe how much we’ve been able to learn and achieve as a team in such a short period. I can’t wait for what we’re going to pull off in the future!
  • On the same note, I not only gained awesome people in a professional sense but also found incredibly like-minded people in Sven, Johann, and Jan on a personal level to have fun with – Thanks for having me, guys!
  • Related to that, I found myself in the most extended period of not working since I started my internship at eprofessional in 2010 – And instead of spending an incredible amount of quality time with the little one and my better half.
  • I found a decent format and rhythm for this newsletter and which also is seemingly rewarded with an increasing number of subscribers and engagement. Considering that I’m sending a regular-ish newsletter since two years or so, it’s nice to see this is developing into something sustainable.
  • With the help of Tim, I’ve been able to pick-up a regular schedule for Productish. Pretty happy with our format and the topics we’ve discussed so far.
  • I managed to publish mine by far most successful blog post on Product Discovery. Which also boosted my motivation for more creative writing around product management a lot.
  • I decided to get back into public speaking about product-related topics and submitted a proposal for the ‘Working Products‘ in Hamburg – Maybe you wanna join me? Let’s see where this can get from there…

See you in 2017. Let’s make it a good one!