My Professional Review of 2015

Personal Review Tim Herbig 2015
So, it’s that time of the year again. Here’s my chronological reflection of 2015.
  • Ludwig and I shipped version 2 of Timelog with a grand launch on Product Hunt and can’t believe that we’ve already more than 1.200 registered users on it.
  • I wrote and published a Launch Checklist for Product Hunt which turned out to be my most successful side project (financially) yet.
  • Piet and I launched Git2Go and are continually learning a ton about scaling an app of our own with enormous potential. I thereby also learned a lot about app icon design and how to be productive with Git.
  • I made a significant step as a product manager through our ACE format at XING regarding stakeholder alignment.
  • I re-started Productish thanks to my new permanent co-host Tim and am incredibly happy about the discussions we have on air.
  • Arne, Marc, Timo and myself hosted another round of Product Tank Hamburg events which connected us with many cool new product people.
  • I had the pleasure of completing my first product discovery with Nikkel and learned quite a lot about impact mapping, asking the right questions, (better) user interviews and product thinking.
  • I had to (internally) say goodbye to 2 great leaders at my day job. Thanks for everything, Patrick & Moritz!
  • I finally unified and my blog sub-domain on one page and technology thanks to Jens. I also used the opportunity for a fresh coat of paint and can’t wait to write more again in 2016.

See you in 2016 – I think it’s going to be awesome!