Alexa, what’s the definition of a Product Discovery?

Product Management Dictionary Alexa Skill

As most of you know, the best way to understand a new technology is to work with it, instead of only using it. This was true for me during my personal ‘peak mobile’ phase, when I build an iOS app myself and has been the trigger for all of my side projects.

So while the Amazon Echo failed to cover a personal use case in my home, I remained curious whether I may have missed something which would let me acknowledge the real potential of the platform.

This is why I immediately jumped on the idea of building my very own Alexa Skill once I saw the excellent team at treehouse offering a course for it.
It didn’t take long for me to adapt the underlying idea of the course to a Skill which would work for my domain of expertise.
So I went ahead and built the Product Management Dictionary Skill for the Amazon Echo and other Alexa-enabled devices. Go ahead and give it a try

So far, I kept the scope of this initial release very straightforward and only included definitions for three product management terms and focussed on English as a system language (this is why it may not be possible to enable the Skill on your German Echo).

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this kind of adoption for Amazon Echo capabilities. Even though the primary job of this Skill was to let me dive deeper into voice products and the Alexa developer environment, I’d love to iterate this product into something serving broader needs within the product community.

If you want to suggest another term be included in the Skill’s dictionary, just go ahead and add it to this Spreadsheet.