Product Management Conferences: The Complete List (2018 Update)

Product Management Conferences: The Complete List

Product Management Conferences are a valuable opportunity to get inspiration for your daily work through new input and build a robust network. Both are incredibly important to make progress in your career as a product manager.

To help you cut through the noise of all the conferences out there, I put together this comprehensive overview of the most relevant conferences out there.

Product Management Conferences in Europe

UX Copenhagen, February 27-28 in Copenhagen, Denmark

This year’s overall theme is ‘Ethics & the Role of the UX Designer.’ The theme changes every year, and it’s great to see a conference react to the zeitgeist of our industry this way.

Ticket Prices (highest rate): 800€

Product Camp London, March 4th in London, UK

The ‘un-conference’ for Product Managers right in London. An excellent opportunity to mingle with like-minded folks in a very casual environment. Often you can find relevant side events being organized around the camp.

Ticket Prices (highest rate): Free

Lean Startup Summit Europe, March 20-21st in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Alongside keynotes and case studies, Lean Startup Summit Europe offer workshops and mentoring sessions where you can have more immersive experiences, breaking off a chunk of the practice and working through it with our seasoned experts. The learnings you come away with happen on all levels, from the inspirational to the personal.

2018 Speakers include Alexander Osterwalder, Eric Ries, and Jeff Gothelf.

Ticket Prices (highest rate): 25€

Dublin Tech Summit, April 18-19 in Dublin, Ireland

Dublin really picks-up speed to become one of the tech capitals of Europe with another impressive conference being added to the European conference schedule. Dublin Tech Summit doesn’t only focus on coding but also features an interesting combination with more cultural aspects like music.

In 2018, you’ll be able to experience tech and marketing leaders from companies like Slack, Twitter or HubSpot live on stage.

Ticket Prices (highest rate): 349€

MTP Engage, April 2oth in Hamburg, Germany

The latest ‘child’ of the successful Mind the Product conference series returns in 2018 to Hamburg with an incredible line-up of product leaders from Intercom and Strava. The conference is accompanied by a series of workshop on the previous day, featuring topics like user story mapping and Product Management 102.

Ticket Prices (highest rate): 399€

INDUSTRY, April 23-24th in Dublin, Ireland

The public conference makes its way to Europe and features impressive speakers like Basecamp’s Ryan Singer and Des Traynor from intercom.

See how product people in other industries practice their craft and employ the latest product development tools and frameworks and evaluate the impact of your work, validate opportunities efficiently, and ultimately build things people will use.

Ticket Prices (highest rate): 895€ – Save 100€ with the exclusive discount code ‘HerbigVIP’

From Business to Buttons, May 18th in Stockholm, Sweden

An absolute insider tip among UX folks which is equally valuable for product managers. It is the meeting place for everyone who wants inspiration, and hands-on advice, on how to maximize business value by creating great user experiences.

Among others, you will see Jared Spool on stage this year!

Ticket Prices (highest rate): 830€

UX Lisbon, May 22-25 in Lisbon, Portugal

UX Lisbon is an intense event as it combines more than 20 workshops to hone up your skills with ten inspiring talks from industry leaders. Focussing on product design strategy, you will have a chance to meet speakers like Scott Berkun.

Ticket Prices (highest rate): 1.065€

Brain Bar, June 1-2nd in Budapest, Hungary

Brain Bar not only brings product management conferences to Eastern Europe but also extends the horizon for product managers by discussing topics like Geopolitics, AI, and even Food.

The line-up looks like a promising refresher of the usual startup buzz and offers a chance to get fresh input.

Ticket Prices (highest rate): 140€

ProductCamp Poland, June 7-9 in Gdynia, Poland

Probably the most significant ProductCamp event spanning across three days, ProductCamp Poland offers a unique chance to interact with product people from Dropbox, Frog Design, and Adobe in the heart of Poland.

Ticket Prices (highest rate): 260€

SaaStr Europa, 15 June in Paris, France

The famous SaaS conference comes to Europe and offers a place for product managers and business leaders alike to discuss their challenges. Mostly focussed on networking and sessions this year, observing the evolution of this event in 2019 should be fun.

Ticket Prices (highest rate): $299

La Product Conference, June 21st in Paris, France

Featuring a comfortable environment and an impressive 400+ attendees in 2017, this french-focussed product conference is a must for Paris-based product people looking to connect and learn.

Ticket Prices (highest rate): 350€

User Research London, June 21 – 22nd in London, UK

User Research is a core discipline for product managers. This is why a domain expert conference like User Research London is the right place to up your skills. Listen to thoughts leaders in the realm of user research and learn about your daily business.

Ticket Prices (highest rate): 450€

Working Products, June 29th – 30th in Hamburg, Germany

What’s interesting about the Working Products is its organizational schedule: While the ‘formal’ talks were limited to the mornings, the afternoons dedicated to the interactive and collaborative ProductSpace sessions. This distinction is a welcomed change from traditional conference formats and is also attractive enough to keep most of the speakers around for time beyond their keynotes.

As all talks are held in parallel, one always had to choose between Track 1 or 2. Thankfully, the choice which talks to attend wasn’t a limited one, as all presentations were also recorded.

Ticket Prices (highest rate): 580€

My review of the Working Products 2017

My attendance of 2017 only confirmed my positive impressions of the Working Products 2016. I love the theoretical and practical balance of the format and have to give a huge compliment to the catering and overall organization.
Despite feeling like a small XING alumni meetup, complemented by some ‘other people,’ I had great chats, and it was an incredible pleasure to finally getting back into public speaking. If you have an event to recommend for giving a product-related talk, feel free to suggest one or refer me.
(Almost) All slides are already available on the homepage, and the video recordings should follow in a couple of days. I curious about the lineup and location of the Working Products 2018 – See you there!

Product Festival, July 18 in London, UK

A learning-focused product event in London to help you get through the summer. The key proposition doesn’t seem to differentiate much but speaker’s include product leaders from Airbnb, Facebook, Stripe, Moo and Deliveroo.

Ticket Prices (highest rate): £499

Turing Fest, August 1-2 in Edinburgh, Scotland

Turing Fest brings leaders in tech to Scotland, for two days of insight and inspiration in the heart of the Edinburgh festivals. The 2018 edition features a massive line-up of experts, spanning across 6 tracks in total. The tracks cover Product, Engineering, Marketing, Culture, Strategy, and Growth. Among the speakers are well-known professionals like Rand Fishkin, Martin Eriksson or Eric Yuan, the founder of Zoom.

Ticket Prices (highest rate): £330

Atlassian Summit Europe, September 3-5 in Barcelona, Spain

The software company probably associated the most with the term ‘Agile’ brings its summit event to Spain. The format looks more like a Barcamp style organization. But I’m sure you will be able to grab some inside perspectives on this organization role model as well.

Ticket Prices (highest rate): TBA

The Conference, September 4-5 in Malmö, Sweden

The Conference describes itself as a two-day exploration of human behavior, new technology and how to make things happen. While that maybe sounds a bit esoteric, the overall style of the conference seems to be a welcoming change of scenery for most of us.

Ticket Prices (highest rate): 620€

Growth Marketing Summit, September 6th in Frankfurt, Germany

Growth is more than just adding referral features to your product. This event puts some of the most prolific conversion optimization experts on stage. A hot pick for everybody owning Freemium or User Acquisition-focussed products.

Ticket Prices (highest rate): 980€

Refresh, September 7th in Tallin, Estonia

An event blending Product, design, and front end. Although it’s somewhat unfamiliar to most of my product management colleagues, I’ve only heard great stuff from the ones who attended. This year’s agenda includes product managers from Google, MailChimp, and Hyper Island.

Ticket Prices (highest rate): 299€

Canvas Conference, October 4th in Birmingham, UK

Beyond the trends and theory, you’ll hear stories from the people at the forefront of the world’s most successful digital businesses. From what I’ve told, there are no high-level overviews or brand evangelists there. Instead, the conference provides actionable insights from people doing the hard work in the world of digital products.

Ticket Prices (highest rate): 260€

Agilia Budapest, October 15-17 in Budapest, Hungary

The theme for this year is ‘Secrets of Product Ownership: Agile product management and product ownership. Discussing the differences between these various terms and their meanings.

Ticket Prices (highest rate): TBA

Mind the Product, October 18th-19th in London, UK

Pretty much the mother of all product management conferences out there. The conference is never short on amazing speakers and discussing challenges which keep product managers awake at night. While the exact agenda is still TBA, I’m sure MTP won’t disappoint in 2018 when it comes to value.

Ticket Prices: 790€

JAM, November 1st in London, UK

Famous within my network for its fun atmosphere and the casual environment, JAM returns in 2018. The conference gathered this year’s focus by asking its newsletter subscribers what keeps them awake at night. The result? Talking about Deciding what to build (aka product discovery) and Becoming an excellent product leader.

Ticket Prices (highest rate): 500€

Productized, November 1st-2nd in Lisbon, Portugal

The so-called ‘Product Thinking Conference’ may not be as huge and widely familiar compared to its competing events in London or Zurich, but a carefully picked lineup and its close atmosphere make it quite an attractive destination for product people.

Ticket Prices (highest rate): 980€  – Save 20% with the exclusive discount code ‘Productized20’

My Personal Productized 2017 Conference Recap

I think that Productized found its niche – both time- and size-wise. It is not a whole ecosystem like MTP or PMF have become over time, but it has its charm. The one-day conference program is very concise compared to having to pull yourself out of daily business for two days in total.
Like every (product) conference these days, Productized is also accompanied by a set of workshops just the day before.

If you’re looking for a (short) break from the usual buzz in Q4, I’d highly recommend to check out Lisbon next year for meeting up with product leaders over tapas and an Espresso at Productized 2018.

Product Management Festival, November 14-15 in Zurich, Switzerland

One of the most impressive conferences I’ve seen. From the giant location spanning two buildings in central Zurich up to inspiring product leaders from top tech companies around the world. PMF also cares about the product community and runs the biggest survey among product managers out there. They also launched the Product Leadership Executive Programme in collaboration with INSEAD.

Ticket Prices (highest rate): 1.119€ – Use your chance to win a FREE Single Entrance ticket by participating in my latest giveaway!

Should you attend Product Management Festival 2018?

Gregor put together an excellent summary of his overall takeaways from all the talks which were held at #pmf17:

Product Management Conferences Full List - PMF 17 Summary

 As always, the answer begins with ‘it depends.’ If you haven’t been there and look for a new addition to your conference schedule, I think it’s a definite yes.
The conference has grown a lot, and I was pleasantly surprised by the average quality of talks I’ve seen at this scale (750 attendees).
It’s fair to assume that the conference continues to grow and will feature similarly impressive headline keynotes next year. If you’ve been there already, you might think twice after the lineup has been published. After all, it depends on your personal learning goals for the year.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to speak at a Product Management conference, I can’t recommend this one highly enough. It’s a great experience!

Product Management Conferences in the US

SaaStr Annual, February 6-8 in San Francisco, CA

The ‘root’ conference for everybody working in the SaaS business. The conference intends to combine knowledge about business leadership in SaaS and hands-on product challenges.

Ticket Prices (highest rate): $1,299

Product Management & Innovation, February 12 & 13 in San Francisco, CA

While the title may sound a bit lofty, the content doesn’t. This year’s line-up includes speakers from more mature corporates (like VISA) and already grown-up start-ups (like Expedia or Tesla). Topics seem to center around Prioritization and Alignment in Large-Scale Organizations.

Ticket Prices (highest rate): $1,699

Habit Summit, April 10-12 in San Francisco, CA

The conference organized by ‘Mr. Habit’ Nir Eyal, himself. You have a chance to listen to experienced product leaders (e.g., from Netflix) and experts from the fields of psychology and persuasion.

Ticket Prices (highest rate): $900

MicroConf, April 29th to May 3rd in Las Vegas, NV

MicroConf is separated into one particular ‘Growth’ track and a ‘Starter’ edition. The differentiation is simple: ‘Growth’ is intended for companies whose founders who are currently making a full-time income from their digital products. ‘Starter’ is intended for founders and aspiring entrepreneurs who are NOT currently making a full-time income from digital products.

Ticket Prices (highest rate): $999

Sirius Decisions, May 8-10 in Las Vegas, NV

Sirius Decisions is targeting executives from established companies which are tasked with digital transformation ‘efforts’ in their environments. The speaker program doesn’t sound as exciting as the ones from California or the East Coast, but with Jeff Lash, there’s a seasoned product expert on board.

Ticket Prices (highest rate): $2,795

Agile & Beyond, May 16-18 in Ypsilanti, MI

Agile & Beyond is focussed on Agile at its core. It is a grassroots volunteer-run conference. It helps people learn about agile principles and practices as well as covers topics that help make people and companies awesome. With approximately 100 sessions spread across two days, there is a wide variety of topics for the agile newbie all the way through to the agile expert.

Ticket Prices (highest rate): $595

UX & Product Management Case Study Conference, 31 May – 1 June in Salt Lake City, Utah

14 talks and 2 Q&A panels are the signature puzzle pieces for this event. Speaker’s include a healthy mix of product people from exciting new startups (like Abstract) and more seasoned companies (like LinkedIn or Box). Fun fact: The color coding on the website indicates whether a speaker has a design, product or business background. Neat idea to give more structure to attendees.

Ticket Prices (highest rate): $700

Enterprise UX, June 13-15 in San Francisco, CA

Enterprise UX 2018 is for people who care about delivering great enterprise experiences—whether they work within an enterprise or for an enterprise software vendor. That means mid- and senior-level UX practitioners and team leaders who are charged with researching and designing enterprise software and websites. It also implies product managers who know that research and design provide their products with a competitive edge. And it means engineers, developers, marketers, and decision-makers whose organizations stand to benefit when their employees and customers enjoy better experiences.

Rosenfeld Media is the organizer of the conference is one of the most popular publishers of expert books in our industry. What stands out for me here is the strong focus on a diverse speaker line-up. Something which is (unfortunately) not yet the standard among conference organizers.

Ticket Prices (highest rate): $1,725

Mind the Product, July 16th-17th in San Francisco, CA

The US sister of the UK original (see above) has released its impressive list of speakers and will feature product leaders from Atlassian and Microsoft, as well as my favorite author Christina Wodtke and the habit expert Nir Eyal.

Ticket Prices (highest rate): 999€

Product Innovation Summit, September 25-26 in Boston, MA

This product management conference brings together product, design, innovation, CX, UX and marketing leaders for an exchange of thoughts. While there’s no overall theme visible, the reputation of the speaker’s companies is without a doubt: GoDaddy, Amazon, Instagram, and Fitbit.

Ticket Prices (highest rate): $1,495

INDUSTRY, October 1st-3rd in Cleveland, Ohio

Six months after the European edition took place in Dublin, INDUSTRY returns to its roots in Cleveland. Some of the talks from the past years went viral within our industry which raises the bar for the speakers in 2018. Among others, Ash Maurya, Sachin Rekhi, and Teresa Torres will be on stage.

Ticket Prices (highest rate): $995

Amplify, October 9 in San Francisco, CA

Amplify is organized by Amplitude, one of the leading product analytics companies out there. They managed to assemble an incredibly dense line-up of high-quality speakers like Jake Knapp, Casey Winters, Andrew Chen, and Gibson Biddle.

Ticket Prices (highest rate): $799

Annual PDMA Summit, November 3-6 in Chicago, IL

While the title of this year‘s Product Development and Management Association Summit may sound a big generic (‚Disrupting the Disruptors‘), some of the sessions focus on actual key pillars for success in product management. My favorite one is e.g. about differentiating between being customer-ruled and customer-focussed

Ticket Prices (highest rate): $1,995

UX & Product Management Bootcamp, November 8-9 in Salt Lake City, Utah

More like a compressed training event than a traditional conference, the UX & Product Management Bootcamp features 20 courses over the span of two days. The training sessions are divided into four tracks: UX, Product Management, Research, and Leadership. Definitely a varied scenery to attend hands-on workshops.

Ticket Prices (highest rate): $1,199

Product Leader Summit, November 15th in Redwood City, CA

This summit seems only to have the very best product people attending. From to Reid Hofman (founder of LinkedIn), to April Underwood (VP Product at Netflix and Gibson Biddle (former VP Product at Netflix). While I’m not sure if it is invite-only, signing up for news from the event is a worthwhile investment.

Ticket Prices (highest rate): TBA

The Open Digital Summit, November 27-28 in San Francisco, CA

The former Open Mobile Summit has rebranded itself to reflect the broader theme of digitization compared to the mobile business. The impressive speaker line-up includes product and design leaders from Uber, Tesla, and LinkedIn as well as Glassdoor and Politico.

Even though I’m personally not a big fan of conferences featuring more than one track, this seemed to be the only way to pack such a high profile list of speakers into a two day event.

Ticket Prices (highest rate): $2,045

Product Management Conferences in Asia

UX Salon 2018, May 6-7 in Tel-Aviv, Israel

A great opportunity to leave your usual conference environment and finally visit Tel-Aviv. UX Salon features a mix of classic on-stage presentations and practical workshops. The speakers include Vitaly Friedman (Smashing Magazine) and Marc Paulina (Google).

Ticket Prices (highest rate): $630

Product of Things, May 9-10 in Tel Aviv, Israel

Interesting to see a special conference arise not only around IoT in general, but specifically aimed at Product Managers working in that area.

Product of Things is an event based on interactive workshops with industry leaders in product management and IoT. The workshops will provide a hands-on look into the technologies, methods, and tools you have to know to master the Internet of Things challenge.

Ticket Prices (highest rate): $440

Product Management Festival Singapore, June 18-19 in Singapore

PMF arrives in Asia. While the line-up is still tba, I think the Product Management Festival Team will put curate an incredible event

Ticket Prices (highest rate): $tba

Product Management Conferences in Australia

Agile Australia, July 18-19 in Melbourne, Australia

A fun, two-day event right in Melbourne featuring a single track conference part and an impressive line-up of workshops. What’s special about this event is not only the ‘traditional’ keynote speaking program, but that it’s also the regular gathering of the Australian agile community.

Ticket Prices (highest rate): $1.200

Leading the Product, October 18 Melbourne and 23 October Sydney, Australia

Leading the Product is a one day, single track conference. Learn about the latest trends in Product Management from seasoned international and local product leaders. Connect with your product tribe. Make new friends, give back, feel that you are a part of an active and supportive Product Management community in Australia. Use this as an opportunity to extend yourself and challenge the way you currently think about Product Management. Grow in order to be greater.

Ticket Prices (highest rate): $500

What are your plans for product management conference this year? Any recommendations you would like to see added here? Let me know in the comments.