Timelog Changes 17/12/2013

Ludwig and I proudly present the last changelog for Timelog in 2013 we shipped last night:

  • “Add Label” button is now disabled until you actually type something in
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the “Delete Summary” button appeared, even if your summary was empty
  • Tim has now access to our FTP server

To show you what we’re already working on for Timelog in 2014, we want to give you a little sneak peek below (you can also find the shot on dribbble).… Continue Reading

Timelog Changes 10/12/2013

We shipped some minor improvements on Timelog last night. Here’s what to expect:

+ More information about our motivation and privacy on “Info & About”
+ Sweetened error page when you deleted or disabled your cookies (take a closer look on dribbble)
+ SEO, og and twitter tag homework
+ Added a small hint that you can close the browser while running a log
+ “Delete summary” now only deletes existing logs and no active ones
+ Fixed a bug where your timer already starts some seconds or minutes in the future, while still logging the correct time
+ Fixed a smartphone resize bug
+ Fixed some typos

We’re still looking into white background when on “Summary” and problems on Windows Phone.… Continue Reading

The Death of the Product Manager (as we know it)

Product Manager

When it comes down to responsibilities in a company or a team, the world of product development as we know it always provided a pretty clear structure: CEOs have to lead, designers have to design, developers have to code and product managers have to…well, actually manage everybody by writing tickets, preparing presentations or thinking about new features and the future product roadmap.… Continue Reading