Don’t wait for other’s products to save you

Often times, we stumble upon fancy design studies, glossy dribbble shots or completely redesigned apps which draw a lot of attention.
What I sometimes observe is a following attitude of ‘This product (idea) is cool, we should do it in a similar way to succeed with it’. But the result is then mostly disappointing because you rarely can repeat the success of a complete product just by re-building and -branding it.

What I rather encourage you to do is to look at very specific features. Especially if it’s a competitors product or at least from within the same category you’re playing in, it’s likely that single features are trying to solve a similar user problems as you face.

When you then dissect dedicated functionalities like e.g. onboarding, sharing or a payment process from a user problem perspective, you’ll really get to the bottom of why it was built this way.

You can then most certainly transfer those approaches to single components of your own product to complement other unique ideas of you it already contains.

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