How LinkedIn Premium does Churn Prevention

How LinkedIn Premium dies Churn Prevention

I looked at the cancellation process of theLinkedIn Premium membership to find out how the professional network tries to prevent its paying members from churning.

You can find the complete transcript of my teardown right below.

  1. Alright. So, I think I’m done with LinkedIn Premium for now. Where could I go to cancel my subscription…?
  2. Maybe up here, right next to my (pretty) face
  3. Ok, that’s fairly obvious and accessible. Let’s take a closer look.
  4. A bit grey to spot at first sight but at least in the right place. Kind of a dark pattern to make it look disabled, though.
  5. Clear and concise comparison of my current (‚Premium Essentials’) and potentially future membership (‚Free‘) status
  6. The ‚Continue‘ button is also even the highlighted one (fairly uncommon for cancelation processes).
  7. Neat idea: Routing me to the FAQ section or offering me a different membership type as additional paths to pursue from here. But let’s continue with the cancelation process.
  8. Rather ‚… – you have to provide feedback‘. The confirmation button is disabled until I’ve selected one of the provided options. I’m wondering whether I get a tailored offer when selecting a reason…
  9. Let’s pick the most obvious reason. Of course it’s too expensive. Every membership is too expensive. Always.
  10. Oh, looks like the last button was already the final one and I get offered a nice discount for coming back. I’m not a friend of those, as they devalue the original membership value.
  11. But, you know what, works on me. I’m a sucker for discounts (and honestly: who isn’t?). Let’s claim the offer. I’m wondering whether I would have gotten it when I had selected a different reason…
  12. Plain confirmation of my successful comeback to the membership and straightforward display of my 50% discount rate right on my account page.
  13. But, in the end, they were not able to keep me around even with the discount. I went through the process one more time and completed the cancelation without being offered any further discounts.
  14. What I like in this ‚canceled‘ state my account is now in are the visible but non-intrusive hints for ‚reactivating‘ (better than resubscribing) my Premium status. Nicely done, LinkedIn!