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Lateral Leadership:
A practical guide to managing agile teams

Lateral Leadership:
A practical guide to managing agile teams

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The book will teach you to

  • understand the definition and impact of lateral leadership.
  • lead an agile team of domain experts as a generalist.
  • solve conflicts when you're not the boss.

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My book on Lateral Leadership for Product Managers will be published in the first half of 2018 with Sense and Respond Press - The publisher for short practical business books.

The book helps you master the challenges of being a lateral leader - In small-scale startups and large corporations alike. It will guide you through chapters on strategic alignment with your organization, process alignment within your team, and individual alignment with other team members.
By also recognizing empathy and escalation as helpful tools, you’ll be able to maintain and strengthen your leadership role.

It is not a dissection of theoretical traditional leadership principles or psychological frameworks you get taught in ‘leadership workshops’. Instead, I will share first perspective stories from my 8 years of experience in product management and provide hands-on advice for your daily work with agile teams.

"Lateral Leadership is the art of influencing peers and team members without format authority."

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Lateral Leadership Book by Tim Herbig

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