The 5 JIRA Shortcuts every Product Manager should know

If you’re working in digital product development, chances are high that you have to deal with JIRA fairly regularly.

While I also haven’t found an appropriate alternative solution to manage large-scale product development yet, some of the best JIRA advantages are hidden in keyboard shortcuts which can increase your productivity drastically.

So here are my top 5 picks for JIRA shortcuts every product person should know about:

  • ‘.’ – Quick Operations
    The one shortcut which leveled my JIRA productivity up by 100% (at least). Wherever you are, you can just hit this key and start immediately typing the action you want to perform on a certain issue.

  • ‘i’ – Assign to me
    Often times needed when you want to make clear that this ticket is not ready for input from other team members yet. I definitely assign more tickets back to me than to other people.

  • ‘1’ – Return to backlog
    Home is where your backlog is. The easiest way to get back to your currently active sprint and everything ahead.

  • ‘l’ – Labels
    I heavily use labels to group issues. Wether it’s ‘ready for grooming’, ‘ready for f&e’ or just ‘backend’, this shortcut is heavily used by me to quickly label issues which I want e.g. to be included in an advanced filter result.

  • ‘e’ – Edit Issue
    Depending on your JIRA configuration, some of the often needed fields like ‘story points’ or ‘epic link’ may not be directly accessible through a shortcut. Simply jumping into the ‘edit’ view of an issue is a great help at this point, as it prevents the need to open up a new tab.

Was this list helpful to you? Did you miss a command which enhances your JIRA productivity? Despite checking out the full list of available shortcuts over at Atlassian, you should definitely hit me up on Twitter or via e-mail and let me know!