Impact Mapping PDF Template for Agile Teams

Impact Mapping

Impact Mapping helps you to structure and map out specific solutions. You can use it to sanity check solutions and make sure they influence the right product or the KPIs the company needs to focus on.

It’s a four-level framework, and the right thing is, it can either be seen as a specific workshop tool or as a constant companion throughout product discovery.

To help you get started with your impact map, I created a free impact mapping pdf template for you to use right away. Simply enter your e-mail below, and you get a high resolution .pdf file.

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How does Impact Mapping work?

At the very top you put the big ‘why’ — why are you working everyday and what’s your goal? It’s not about this hugely inspiring qualitative thing but a quantitative key metric. Is it 10% revenue growth year over year? Or a decrease in your churn rate? Then you go one level down and think about the ‘who’. Who can contribute to making an impact on goal at the very top? These can either be external players (like b2c and b2b users) or internal ones like sales reps or customer success managers.

On the next level, you ask which changes of behavior, which impacts, do we need to create for the people from one level above, to achieve the goal at the very top?

In order to name the behavior changes you want to create, you need to understand your users. You need to know what they’re struggling with so that you can decide which change of behavior to bring about.

At the very bottom, you have the ‘what’, the specific solutions. Here you can go into brainstorming mode, do designs and so on. You can use whatever framework suits you to develop specific solutions.

Ultimately, you need to be able to form a sentence throughout all the levels of an impact map.

Buy building a visual AB test editor for our Online Marketing Managers, we enable them to run more experiments on the homepage which contributes to the goal of increasing our CTR by 20% MoM.

During my various consulting roles, I used Impact Mapping to point out mismatches in specific features or product ideas, things that were not aligned with the overall company goal.

The top is usually easy. Then, one level down, the ‘who’ is also easy for a lot of people. One level down from that, you need to talk to users and do qualitative and quantitative research in order to lay out the behavior changes you want to implement. Them, at the very bottom, you can list specific features and ideas.