Lateral Leadership Training:
Influencing without Authority

Agile Leadership Training:
Influencing without Authority

Organizations are shifting from top-down hierarchies to autonomous and loosely connected agile teams. Although these teams act mostly self-organized, the responsibility for their outcomes usually falls into the hands of one person.
The most prominent example is the role of a Product Manager/Product Owner. To lead highly skilled domain experts as a generalist, one has to master the art of influencing others without formal authority. That‘s what’s called lateral leadership.
This masterclass will help you master the challenges of being a lateral leader. It will guide you through strategic alignment with your organization, process alignment within your team, and proper alignment with other team members.
By also recognizing empathy and escalation as helpful tools, you’ll be able to maintain and strengthen your leadership role.

This masterclass is not a dissection of theoretical leadership principles or psychological frameworks you get taught in traditional ‘leadership trainings.’ Instead, I will share first perspective stories from my eight years of experience in product management and provide hands-on advice for your daily work with agile teams.

Who is it for?

Professionals who are tasked with leading self-organized and cross-functional teams without hierarchical power. This mostly applies to Product Managers due to the nature of their job description and the origins of agile methodologies in software development.
However, due to the spread of agile team constellations outside of the IT context, lateral leadership is also applicable to, e.g., UX Designers, Marketing Managers, and ’Heads of’ or VPs.

What we will achieve

  • Embracing the challenges of lateral leadership instead of blaming them on the organizational environment
  • Clarity about your lateral leadership environment and responsibilities
  • How to develop empathy for peers from other domains of expertise
  • check
    A sense for which of the critical pillars of successful lateral leadership to utilize when: Empathy and Alignment
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    First practical experiences with frameworks which help you strengthen your lateral leadership position

Key Takeaways

  • Why leading without hierarchical power is the skill of the future for agile organizations
  • Understanding the three levels of alignment needed for leading agile teams
  • How to develop empathy for peers from other domains of expertise
  • check
    How to use the Agile Peer Canvas for a holistic perspective on team collaboration
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    What to do when lateral leadership tools fail 
  • check
    Why empathy is the missing puzzle piece for bridging collaboration gaps from standard agile frameworks

Hands-on exercises include

  • Creating your personal lateral leadership relationship matrix
  • Crafting an effective mission briefing to support strategic alignment
  • Utilizing the Agile Peer Canvas
  • check
    Leveraging an effective escalation process using the clarification manifesto

Next Dates

February 10th 2019 in Berlin, Germany