Webinars, Trainings & Public Speaking Appearances

Here's an overview of my upcoming appearances and public service offerings. Whether it's a free live webinar, a paid public workshop or an appearance at one of your favorite conferences or meetups - You can find it here.

November 2018

Tim Herbig Profile Image Desk

November 29: Free Live Webinar on How To Build Data-Informed Products

In this webinar, I will share my hands-on approach to working with analytics in agile product management. I will discuss the line between being data-informed versus data-driven. You will leave with an analysis toolkit filled with the right data tools for every scenario. Data validation won't be an issue again.

January 2019

Tim Herbig Lateral Leadership Training

January 31st: Lateral Leadership Training in Munich, Germany

This masterclass will help you master the challenges of being a lateral leader.  By also recognizing alignment, empathy and escalation as helpful tools, you’ll be able to maintain and strengthen your leadership role.

My lateral leadership training is not a dissection of theoretical leadership principles or psychological frameworks you get taught in traditional ‘leadership trainings.’ Instead, I will share first perspective stories from my eight years of experience in product management and provide hands-on advice for your daily work with agile teams.