How to fuck-up a Design Sprint: Day 4

How to fuck-up a Design Sprint: Day 4
  • “Good morning everybody – Who brought pen and paper?”
  • “I really think it’s important to nail the color palette with this prototype.”
  • “I don’t care which tool you want to use as long as I can run the prototype smoothly on my Galaxy S II.”
  • “Jim, do you want to maybe collect the requirements for the checkout screen from the legal department?”
  • “Look, I sketched another idea I had this morning just very quickly for our design sprint. Maybe you can add this to the prototype variants?”
  • “Interview guide? That’s way too bureaucratic, let’s just shoot the questions we have in our head at them.”
  • “We should aim for a clear opinion on which version the users like best.”
  • “I don’t think we should document the interview results. The most important quotes stick in our head anyways.
  • “Just go to a noisy and crowded space with lots of people for the interviews. This way, we can talk to as many people as possible.”
  • “Good job, team. Can’t wait to see you talking to those people at Starbucks for valid feedback!”

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