How to fuck-up a Design Sprint: Day 1

Design Sprint fuck-up: Day 1
  • “Nah, let’s just use a meeting room inside the office – Should be fine.”
  • “I assume you all read my memo upfront so we’re all pretty much on the same page by now, right?”
  • “Sure, let’s just start after your daily stand-ups. A Design Sprint is not about timeboxing”
  • “Vision? Well, let’s wait for Jim to arrive. Maybe he has written something about that on Confluence.”
  • “Has anybody his login credentials for Google Analytics at hand?”
  • “Don’t worry, I have a pretty clear picture of the product in my head, already.”
  • “Let me just quickly print this one thing out – Oh, we only have b/w printing in here?”
  • “I didn’t wanted to have someone from the other departments joining us this week so we can do ‘our thing’.”
  • “Of course you can leave anytime for your meeting.”
  • “Does anybody have an idea, where we can get more stickies? I want to squeeze in more Design Thinking.”
  • “You can probably share this pen just between the 4 of you.”
  • “In the end, this should result in the product our CEO wants to see live.”
  • “No need to worry, we’ll just grab test users in Starbucks on Friday – Lean Startup Style.”
  • “Alright folks, interesting first day of the Design Sprint. Max, could you put together the photo protocol and send it around?”
  • “Let’s meet tomorrow 60 minutes later – I have to take care of some stuff before we continue.”

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