Remain the most clueless person in the room – But be the most enlightened one

Clueless Product Managers

Being a Product Manager is not about being the ingenious front singer and songwriter of a band everybody adores. It’s more about being the quiet but confident maestro orchestrating an orchestra of proven experts (without the usual top-down attitude).
As a result, a Product Manager is also not the right person to name the next shiny killer feature. You’re rather the one who shows the path and sets the stage for discovering it together.

Over time, I became deeply convinced that great Product Managers are no single domain experts. Furthermore, an in general considered ‘good’ Product Manager can succeed across a vast playing field of areas – whether it’s e-commerce, finance, mobile apps or machine learning projects.
There’s even a certain risk in being too deeply intertwined with the domain you’re tackling. By having deep domain knowledge, it’s so much easier to get caught up in seemingly great feature ideas. By having a certain distance or even naivety towards the industry, you’re much better suited to avoid confirmation bias.


And by relying on your education about user-centered product development, you’re more than set to build a strikingly successful product in whichever domain you want.
Without the need of building up too much domain knowledge which, in an era of ongoing disruption, seems nowadays like unnecessary waste anyways.