The 8 Best Podcasts for Product Managers

Best Podcasts for Product Managers

Instead of being meta as usual with this column, I decided to put out something a bit more practical: A simple selection of podcasts for product managers.

All of them are in my personal podcast queue amongst others I tried to limit the selection to be as tightly connected to the regular challenges product people face as possible.

Some of them are really close to product and UX hands-on topics, discussing agile methodologies or simply ‘how to built great products’. Others zoom a bit out and take a bird’s perspective on market dynamics. Something we often times can’t fit into our daily routines – So let experts like Marc Andreesen or Ben Thompson do it for you.

I personally get a lot of value out of those different perspectives for my regular challenges. I love to listen to domain experts (like Jochen Krisch for e-commerce) discussing important market mechanics based on the recent moves of the biggest players.
But I also appreciate very concrete opinions and advice on the actual craft of building products in a modern way – Wether it’s from a UX perspective or fellow Product Managers.

All links lead directly into iTunes – Unfortunately still the easiest and most widespread way to subscribe to podcasts:

What are you regularly listening to? Which podcasts for product managers are missing from this list from your perspective? Let me know in the comments and I’ll keep this list updated with your suggestions.

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  1. Thanks Tim – I have another one for you to check out – The Everyday Innovator. I love hosting this podcast and providing valuable information for product managers and innovators. If any of your readers has a topic they want to hear about, just let me know. I’ll find an expert on the topic and conduct the interview. The best way to contact me is at the podcast website — — just click on the Contact link at the top of the page.

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