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Becoming Director Iridion

When I joined ORBIT mid-2016 I was driven by three goals:

  1. Learning how to build up a company with two incredible entrepreneurs (thanks for inviting me on to this journey, Sven & Johann).
  2. Establishing a product culture ‘of my own’ by forming an impactful product management and design team.
  3. Diversifying my ability to apply product management frameworks in discovery and delivery by working with clients from a broad range of industries.

Now, one year into the consulting business, I had to admit that despite all the various challenges I was able to tackle, nothing drives and motivates me like building for the outcome of ‘my’ product.

That’s why I was so intrigued by the opportunity which resulted from conversations with André and Thorsten: Leading the overall efforts for the conversion management suite Iridion as its Director from October 1st on.

I’ll remain located in Hamburg and can’t wait to further shape and scale this already great SaaS product with our distributed team while leveraging a close connection to the Web Arts HQ in Bad Homburg.

So, when you personally or the company you work for/with are centered around (conversion) optimization, let’s talk about how Iridion might fit into your workflow. Reach out to me via e-mail, and we’ll set up a call or meeting.