What I learned from speaking at three Product Management Conferences in one year

Tim Herbig Public Speaking Learnings
Photo was taken by Product Management Festival 2017 Team

I’m not a big believer in granular (New Year’s) resolutions. Instead, similar to the approach I follow in product development, I like to follow overall themes to pursue.

While I have been writing personal reviews for the past couple of years already, I never set up those themes for the year ahead publicly.… Continue Reading

My Personal Productized 2017 Conference Recap #productized2017

Productized Conference 2017 Tim Herbig
Photo was taken by Productized Conference 2017 Team

Before my trip to Zurich for PMF 2017, I was able to speak at the Productized 2017 Conference in Lisbon, Portugal.
The so-called ‘Product Thinking Conference’ may not be as huge and widely familiar compared to its competing events in London or Zurich, but a carefully picked lineup and its close atmosphere make it quite an attractive destination for product people.… Continue Reading

Thoughts on the Product Management Festival 2017 #pmf17

Tim Herbig at Product Management Festival 2017
Photo was taken by Product Management Festival 2017 Team

I had the incredible opportunity to speak at this year’s Product Management Festival 2017 in Zurich, Switzerland last week.
While I will share the summary and slides of my talk over the next coming weeks, I briefly wanted to touch on some of the aspects of the event I was able to experience (unfortunately, I had to leave at the end of the first day).… Continue Reading

Don’t ask your customers which new product they want to pay for. Here’s what to do instead.

Quantitative Validation rules for Paid Products

Expect to hear more in-depth advice from me on validation of product hypotheses in the next couple of weeks as the (product) conference season comes to an end mid-November for this year.
But while recently listening to one of my favorite podcasts, I couldn’t help but to (publicly) shout out advice for anybody who’s tinkering with the idea of introducing a new paid product or feature to its user base.… Continue Reading

Why your next KPI to optimize for should be an opt-out rate

While my full wrap-up of this week’s Productized Conference I wanted to share an interesting thought with you, which got presented by Atlassian’s Claire Drummond and Dragana Boras.

When their team recently rolled-out the excellent new version of Confluence, they established a <5 opt-out rate from the new design as their KPI to optimize for in the first place and to base roll-out decisions on (they even managed to lower this metric to <1,1%).… Continue Reading

Designing (for) Facebook compared to Designing (for) WhatsApp

Charlie Deets recently switched design teams from Facebook to WhatsApp, and he shared some of his key insights comparing the design approaches at both companies.

The first thing which stood out for me was that it became clear that Facebook only guides its product teams with an incredibly broad company vision (‘connect the world’) and let them derive new ideas and the execution (+testing) from there.… Continue Reading