How to validate your best ideas the right way

Quantitative Validation rules for Paid Products

Expect to hear more in-depth advice from me on validation of product hypotheses in the next couple of weeks as the (product) conference season comes to an end mid-November for this year.
But while recently listening to one of my favorite podcasts, I couldn’t help but to (publicly) shout out advice for anybody who’s tinkering with the idea of introducing a new paid product or feature to its user base.… Continue Reading

My biggest mistake when conducting User Story Mapping workshops

User Story Mapping is an incredible powerful exercise to dismantle product ideas into tangible value drivers and derive an MVP-oriented prioritization from it.
And even though it has become a default framework within my product management set of tools through numerous repetitions, I often times make a mistake which interferes with some of my most important foundations of product development.… Continue Reading

MVPs are about prioritized Depth, not crappy Width

Even though product people now already start arguing about whether to focus on the riskiest assumptions instead of a viable product, the good old term MVP is still a good conversation starter. Especially within companies which may not be exactly ‘cutting edge’ when it comes to product development, the intent to launch earlier and ‘leaner’ poses a huge mindset shift.… Continue Reading

5 Product Management A/B Split Testing Mistakes

A/B Split Testing is the most powerful tool of a product manager for getting from gut feeling and HiPPO driven product decisions to actual progress based on measurable outcomes.
But while it’s comparably easy to asses a tool and implement your first testing setup, there are a couple of meta mistakes I see being made from time to time among product managers (and which I’ve made myself).… Continue Reading

Product Management Alignment – How to create it

Generating and keeping product management alignment across all levels of an organization – from C-level until the single engineer – is one of the most important (and often most challenging) for a Product Manager.
And while often suggested a simple change of habits like ‘talk more to each other’ or ‘keep a confluence page about what has been agreed’ are right, they don’t necessarily provide the right level of confidence to a Product Manager to strive at his mission.… Continue Reading