What to learn from Audible to avoid Payer Churn

audible User Churn Teardown

After focussing some broader advice for product people in the past couple of weeks, I wanted to be very practical with this post by sharing a best practice regarding churn prevention: Audible.

I recently noticed that my Audible subscription got renewed besides me currently not being able to catch up on further audio books.

By completing the necessary steps to cancel it, I couldn’t help but admire how well this was done. But not only from the viewpoint of an optimizer but also from a user’s perspective.
It just felt…worshipped.

So, without further ado, here are four steps of churn prevention worth memorizing. Unfortunately, my language has been set to German, and I didn’t think of switching it in time. I’ll give some context in English in the captions to help most of you out.

Audible Churn Prevention - Step 1
Ok, nice. You’re repeating what I’m missing out by canceling now (which is a credit of three free audiobooks per month) and provide some recommendations (which are pretty much on point) for what to spend it on.
Bonus Point: Primary CTA is a positive one (‘Redeem Credit’), and you have to look twice to continue with the cancellation.
Audible Churn Prevention - Step 2
Oldie but Goodie: Asking why I want to cancel. The available options seem to be quite a lot but need to capture a lot of possibilities as well. I’m curious if the next page will react to my choice…
They’re now also dropping the CTA confusion and offer only one button to proceed with the process. Very honest and straightforward.
Audible Churn Prevention - Step 4
Subtle, but positive confirmation of my cancellation and I’m back on the page where it all started – My account settings. Well done, Audible!

Would you like to see more of that kind of teardowns from me? Specifically not on onboardings but rather not so popular processes like churn.
If so, just send me an e-mail and let me know which product or service you’d like to see assessed.