MVPs are too expensive – How wasteless validation leads to better insights
This post is the summary of a talk I gave throughout 2017 at a couple of product management conferences. I was[...]
Product Management Tasks – A Guide through Responsibilities of your Job
Not every company provides enough clarity about the product management tasks which are expected from their employees. That's why this[...]
Why Retesting your Experiments is crucial for real Optimization Impact
Did you run AB tests before during your career as a product person? Good. Did you manage to achieve significant[...]
My biggest mistake when conducting User Story Mapping workshops
User Story Mapping is an incredible powerful exercise to dismantle product ideas into tangible value drivers and derive an MVP-oriented[...]
MVPs are about prioritized Depth, not crappy Width
Even though product people now already start arguing about whether to focus on the riskiest assumptions instead of a viable[...]
5 Product Management A/B Split Testing Mistakes
A/B Split Testing is the most powerful tool of a product manager for getting from gut feeling and HiPPO driven[...]
Product Management Alignment – How to create it
Generating and keeping product management alignment across all levels of an organization - from C-level until the single engineer -[...]
3 Common Misconceptions about User Testing
Meanwhile, a lot of company's building (digital) products have embraced (or at least accepted) the positive impact user testing can have[...]
How to use a User Storyboard Template
Often, some various jobs your product needs to fulfill for your users can become overwhelming, and it gets harder to[...]
A Closer Look At Proto-Personas: What They Are And How They Work
Using a traditional model to define and work with personas carries 2 major problems form my perspective. First, a lot[...]
How Jobs to be Done shaped Uber’s latest App Update
When companies usually redesign their apps, it's about adopting a new design style (e.g., like Material design) or as part[...]
Design Sprint Mistakes: How to spot and avoid them
A Design Sprint is a powerful tool for Product Managers to produce a lot of valuable output and insights within[...]
The 13 Best Product Management Podcasts
Here it is: The complete list of must-listen product management podcasts. Some of them are really close to the hands-on[...]
Analysing a Product Strategy Canvas
There's no shortage of Canvases to boost your product development process. But this recently published Product Strategy Canvas by Melissa Perri[...]
Product Discovery – A Step-by-Step guide (incl. FREE Planning Template)
Nailing the Product Discovery is an ambitious task for every product manager. Here‘s a hands-on plan for approaching it. When[...]


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