A/B Testing Essentials for Product Managers

This email course will teach you why A/B testing is so valuable for the work as a product manager, when to apply A/B testing or multivariate testing, which pitfalls to avoid, which tools to use and how to get into continuous testing.

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The course includes 10 steps which will accommodate you on your way to be an A/B testing expert.

  1. Where does A/B testing sit in the overall scheme of user testing and when to apply it
  2. How does A/B testing compare to multi variate testing and what are examples for both
  3. How to come up with new A/B testing ideas and how to articulate hypotheses
  4. Tools to use for doing A/B testing
  5. How to take care of your running A/B tests
  6. How to interpret your A/B testing results
  7. How to iterate on successful or failed A/B test
  8. How to make A/B testing a routine of your product management work
  9. Main Mistakes to avoid when doing A/B testing
  10. How to follow-up on A/B testing with recommendations for books to read, podcasts to listen to, conferences to attend and people/blogs to follow
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