Introducing Timelog

By Tim on December 4, 2013 — 2 mins read

Introducing Timelog to you

tl;dr Ludwig Weise and I built a simple web app to track and log single tasks. You can find our first early MVP at which will be expanded with further enhancements based on your feedback in the near future.

Did you ever wonder, how much time you’re spending on your (side) projects, your commute to work, your breakfast or simply how long you can hold your breath?
I did (even if not about all the mentioned tasks) and I really missed “something” that would easily allow me to track single tasks and either just save them with a short note or add them to existing projects.

The solution I was looking for had to work on all platforms and be easily accessible. After some research it turned out, that the product I was looking for simply didn’t existed. Neither had I an interest in ugly and way too complex Mac or iPhone Apps nor the patience to wait for a solution, that could maybe arrive someday (I’m looking at you, Hours) for one platform.

So it happened that an ordinary meeting with my friend Ludwig resulted in a decision to just build the solution I described to him over coffee.
After some brainstorming we decided to realize it as a web app. Beside our lack in development skills for a native iOS or Android App, the advantages like easy cross platform support and the possibility to release very early were obvious.

To gain user feedback for the further development of the product at the earliest possible moment, we broke the product down in several versions. The first one should “only” allow you to start/stop a timer, add a quick note to the logged time and view your logs in a list summary. All that should happen in the browser, based on Cookies and Java Script so that no accounts would be necessary to actually use the product (at least if you’d stay on one device).

After two focussed and packed sessions we were able to release the first MVP last night on Though we don’t consider it as a beta, bugs can still appear and we’re already on them.
So please enjoy Timelog. We appreciate any feedback from you and want to know which other features and improvements you want to see in it. But be sure that we already have some great stuff in mind for future versions.

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